Moiré Gobo Library

3500 gobos in your pocket.

Way better than paper catalogs

Gobos from the most popular manufacturers, Apollo, GAM, Inlight and Lee. Search across the entire library. View motion effects at the rotation speed and direction that you choose. See what blur will do to the breakup effects. See the effects that a TwinSpin™ dual gobo rotator will give you.

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List View

List View

All the gobos from Lee Filters, Apollo, Inlight, and GAM. Including halftones, high def, and litho gobos. Sort the lists numerically top to bottom or the other way around. all of this is your choice. Each listing gives you a small thumbnail of the gobo, it's number, and name.

There is also a recents list, available by tapping the clock icon. Search, in the form of the magnifying glass icon, is available from the list view. The "TS" button will start the process for loading up the TwinSpin™ feature. The "i" button gives you the ability to set the background to light or dark, send feedback to the developer and see the original Wybron webpage describing the features of Moiré.

Gobo View

Gobo View

By selecting from the list view by tapping on any item, you are taken to the view of the gobo. Here the gobo can be viewed from the front or back side. Just swipe left to right or, right to left to flip the gobo.

At the bottom you can see 2 controls which allow you to rotate or blur the gobo. Note the word spin at the left, if it is printed in reverse that indicates the gobo is flipped from it's normal orientation. The slider will allow spinning the gobo in either direction at various speeds. The Focus slider will allow viewing the gobo from perfectly sharp to very blurred.

Compare Colors

Search for Gobos

Search is available from the list view by tapping the magnifying glass. Searches can be done by number, or name. Searching by name will help you find new favorites. For example typing in breakup brings up every gobo in the catalog with breakup in the name. Search makes it easy to find all the airplanes or bridges too.

Combine Colors


Dual gobo rotators, made popular by the TwinSpin™ from GAM can give remarkable motion effects in a fixed light. Moir´ allows previewing the effect before getting to the stage.

By pressing the "TS" button from the list view, you start the process for loading the 2 gobos you would like to try in a motion effect. After 2 gobos are selected, each gobo can be flipped independently if desired. Swiping horizontally will flip the "A" gobo and swiping vertically will flip the "B" gobo.

The sliders will allow rotation of either gobo in either direction.

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3500 gobos from the most popular manufacturers. Motion effects, blur, and Twin Spin. Way better than paper catalogs.