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A brand new way to visualize lighting, scenery, and color, and it works on your iPhone or iPad. ShadowMagic takes everything we learned about color rendition on an iOS device and adds it to advanced rendering and modeling to give you a beautiful, accurate way to experiment with ideas for lighting on stages and film sets.

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Lights, Color, Scenery... in your pocket

Have you ever wanted a Black Box Theatre that was available anytime just to you? Now you can have one and carry it around with you. So whether you are in Lighting design class, or on a plane to your next gig, you can experiment, visualize, and play to your hearts content.

But ShadowMagic is more than just a playground. Using our show and scene method of cataloging your ideas, you can build a complete sketchbook of a play to collaborate with others involved in your production. It can be easily share as a printed report or sent to a friend so they can view it on their iPad or iPhone.

  • Choice of 2 actors, Single male or Family
  • 6 Lights, assign any position and type
  • Source 4 with 5 different lenses
  • Source 4 7" Fresnel, zooms from Spot to Flood
  • Incandescent dimming follows the color temperature shift
  • Over 1600 Colors
  • 40' x 30' Stage
  • Cyclorama 40' x 20'
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Look at your scene from any angle

Look at your scene from the back of the house or backstage. Get close enough to count the hairs on the actors arm. All this is possible with ShadowMagic. Use all the gestures you already know from swiping left to right or up and down to change your viewing angle. Pinching zooms in or out and a 2 finger swipe allows panning in any direction.

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Choose your Lights

We are starting with 2 choices of lights, both 750 watt fixtures from ETC. The venerable Source 4 is available with 14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, and 50° barrels to enable you to fill an acting area from anywhere in the theatre.

We also offer a Source 4 7" Fresnel, which can zoom from 65° down to the spot focus of 20°. The shadow is much softer on this fixture just as it is in real life and varies with the zoom angle.

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Choose your Colors

There are over 1600 colors in the library. Your choice of colors can be made up into a gelstring. Any one of the colors can be assigned to any light.

We will have the ability to bring gel strings in from our award winning app Gel Swatch Library in the future.

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Choose your Lighting Position

Each light can be put anywhere inside 80' wide x 40' high x 80' long space. Lights assigned to the actor are focused automatically at the actor, making it easy for you to find the perfect angle.

Lights assigned to the cyc can be focused on the vertical center of the cyc and individually along the length.

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Choose your Beam Spread

All the Source 4s can have individual lens barrels so each light can be set to cover as much or as little area as desired. Lens barrels included in the base package are 14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, and 50°. The intensity of the light varies inversely with the beam angle and all the barrels show the proper light distribution.

Source 4 Fresnels zoom to vary the light distribution and ShadowMagic shows the relative brightness of all settings.

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Save and organize your Scenes

Save scenes and organize them with a simple drag and drop system.

Every look can be saved as a scene. All the lights, all the dimmer and color settings, everything. The scenes can be organized by show and in order you want. The scenes can be shared with colleagues many ways including a pdf report.

In-App Purchases

ShadowMagic can be extended in ways to expand your creativity. Different lights can be added by manufacturer or lighting packages. You can add actors and costumes. You can also add an ability to "print" scenery on the built in cyclorama.

All this will be coming in the near future.

Camera View of Colors

ETC Incandescent Light Package

Get all the fixtures with all three bulb wattages. (375, 575, and 750 Watts) All the Source 4 lenses. Source 4 Par, Parnell and and Source 4 7" Fresnel.

Scenery Package

Take pictures of scenery and add them to the cyc using this handy add on package. Any picture in the photos library can be added to the cyc.

Download the app soon.

Now you can have the next best thing to a light lab in your pocket.