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What's new?

Gel Swatch Library has been updated to the modern age. When we first made the library in 2008 it ran on an iPhone 3 and iOS 2.0. iOS 11 is now the standard and runs on iPhone X. The new phones have P3 wide color gamut displays, much faster processors, and more display area. You now get access to more hardware subsystems like the really great cameras in iPhone and your Photos library as well as "night shift" to get the display to match your world. We have taken advantage of all of that to bring you a new version of Gel Swatch Library supported by the latest technologies.

Night Shift Off View New Swatch View

Standard 6500° Kelvin Display

Night Shift On View Better Swatch View

Warmer and much more accurate

Get Calibrated

In the past, the color temperature of the display could not be changed. This meant that the color representation showed you what the color looked like against a pure white background lit with 6500 Kelvin light. Now with the addition of "Night Shift", found under your display settings, you can change the color temperature of your display. We have found that setting the slider for color temperature just above 50% makes our eyes say "the color matches", your mileage may vary. This means that all 1600 colors now look very realistic. It also means the new Visual Package is very accurate and useful.

Old Swatch View New Swatch View

Take full advantage of wide color gamut

All the new phones have wide color gamut. This allows much better and more vibrant colors, particularly in the reds. But for you to see the difference, we had to change our algorithms to show off the great new color range. The screen shots above both came from an iPhone 7 and the difference is startling. Notice that the old program's color representation is dull compared to the new colors you can see with wide color gamut. Wait til you see it on your phone.

Color List

Take me home... with gestures

Now you can navigate back through the menu structure with a quick swipe to the right. Much faster and more convenient. For our long time users with ingrained muscle memory, we still have the buttons and arrows to show you how to get back.

Compare Colors

Sharing... on Steroids

In 2008, rich email from a phone was just starting and everyone thought that being able to send a project, a list of gels that you chose, to a friend or colleague was fantastic. Now, though, we all use different workflows and different channels to communicate our ideas. Gel Swatch Library is right there with you. Sharing is now very widely supported from iMessage, AirDrop, Drop Box, and lots of others. Oh, and 10 years later we can still email your project in .pdf format.

Search the Library

Search for Colors or Notes

There are over 1600 colors in the library. While you may already have your favorites, search is the best way to meet your new favorites. Searches can be done by number eg G101, this is the fastest way to bring up a favorite color you already know. Or searching by name will help you find a new group of colors. For example typing in "pur" brings up every gel with purple in the name. Search makes it easy to find all the CTOs or CTBs too.

Another great feature is to search through all the notes the manufacturers include with each color. Find out how many are recommended for a cyclorama (40). Or how many limes (8) or grapes (0) there are.

In-App Purchases

Now you can extend the utility of your Gel Swatch Library. The preview of the Visual Package will allow you to use both of the new features with pre-chosen colors, GAM G-102 and G-305 for free. If you would like to unlock the full 1600 colors available, you can easily purchase this package through the App Store. ($2.99)

Camera View of Colors

Live View Through the Camera(s)

It's now possible to view a gel or a gel comparison through either front or back camera. The live look allows you to preview what your chosen color will look like on a costume or some brand new scenery.

View gels over any picture in your Library

You can take a picture of anything using known lighting. Take a picture of your hand with your incandescent desk lamp or a swatch from a costume and have a known quantity in a picture that you can use any where. For instance, in a darkened theatre or on a plane to your next gig.

Download the app now.

All of the popular gel brands are in this library. Search and compare across the entire library. View similar and complementary colors. Use the camera or Photo library and overlay any gel on either of them.