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All of the popular gel brands are in this library. Search and compare across the entire library. View similar and complementary colors. Combine gels and view them on different light sources.

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Color List

Lists of Colors

All the colors from Lee Filters, Apollo, Rosco Laboratories, and GAM. Including frosts and diffusions and CTOs and CTBs. Order the lists numerically top to bottom or the other way around. Use the order in the Swatch book if you are more comfortable with that. Or go backwards through the Swatch book, all of this is your choice.

Each listing gives you a small color swatch, the color number, and the name of the color.

Swatch View

View Colors

Tapping on a color in the list view gives you a large view of the color swatch and much, much more. Notice that just below the name of the color on the large swatch is the transmission of the color. Just below that is a small band of lots of information. It is a slider which gives the RGB values or the CMY values needed to approximate the color of the swatch. the values are shown in percentages or just tap and they change to the numeric value. Keep sliding and you will see all the notes on the gel from the manufacturer. If it is a long note, just tap the note and you will get the entire note on a pop up window over the swatch.

Below the RGB band, you will see the Spectral Energy Distribution curve for the color. If you would like the curve to enlarge, just rotate the phone 90 degrees and the SED becomes full screen. If the color number and name are covering the curve, just tap and drag the label out of the way.

Below the SED curve is the best part of the library, the similar and complementary color selection. GSL calculates the 12 most similar colors to help you find a substitute color if you don't have enough of your favorite brand. Only 6 colors are shown but the next 6 can be slid into view by swiping to the left. This selection goes across the entire library so you can see all the colors that you might be able to substitute. For complementary colors just tap the button on the lower left and you will instantly see the 12 complementary colors that are available.

Compare Colors

Compare Colors

From the swatch view, shown above, there are 2 ways to compare colors. If you want to see how close a similar color is, just tap the color from the similars bar and a split view will show you how closely the colors match. From here you can go to the list view and pick any color from any list and you will be returned to the split view with your newly chosen color on the right. If you would like either color to be the selected swatch just tap its screen.

The 2nd way to compare colors from the swatch view is to tap the 2nd button from the left, the scales icon. This will give you a black window which can be filled from the list view or by tapping on a similar color.

Search the Library

Search for Colors

Search is available from the list view by tapping the magnifying glass. Searches can be done by number, this is the fastest way to bring up a favorite color you already know. Searching by name will help you find new favorites. For example typing in blue brings up every gel with blue in the name or the notes. Search makes it easy to find all the CTOs or CTBs too.

Combine Colors

Combine Gels to mix Colors

Before the availability of many, many colors, it was more common to combine two gels to create a color that wasn't available. GSL allows you to do that and gives the SED curve and the available similar colors too.

The combine function is started from the compare view by tapping the middle button which is 2 gel frames and a plus sign. In the case on the right, the comparison was between G980 and G152. The result is shown just above the SED curve. Note that the SED curve has 3 colors on it, the 2 original gels and the newly created color.

If you then tap on the similar color suggestions, you will have 4 color swatches and 4 curves! In this example, note that none of the similar colors is very close. You have created a truly new color. Be cautious in using 2 very saturated colors because the resulting color is typically known as "Root Beer" with very little transmission of light.

Create Gelstrings

This feature is also known as projects. Projects can be started from the list view by touching the file folder icon. If there is no project in the list, one must be added by tapping the "+" button. A complete tutorial is available here online or in pdf format.

Best of all this feature allows you to share your project list or gelstring with others on your team. Also get a quote by pressing one button and the string RFQ will be sent directly to us and we get right back to you with a quote and delivery date.

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All of the popular gel brands are in this library. Search and compare across the entire library. View similar and complementary colors. Combine gels and view them on different light sources.