CXI Calculator

A specialized tool for Wybron's CXI

Pick Colors Offline

CXI, the dual scrolling color changer from Wybron is very versatile for changing colors without having to pre-plan a gelstring. This tool helps you to get the colors you want quickly and easily.

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Color List

List of Colors

The list of colors presented gives the standard gel color that can be made by mixing with CXI. Each listing gives you a small color swatch, the color number, and the name of the color. By touching any of the colors you will be taken to the color view which gives the control signals necessary to mix the selected color.

Swatch View

Mix Colors

This is the main view of CXI Calc. Operation is very simple because there are only 4 controls. Below the color swatch, is the control signal indicator. This indicator toggles between Percentage and Decimal for setting the signal on the console to control the CXI. Below that is the 2 sliders for setting the front and back gelstring on the CXI. By swiping left and right the color is varied and the resulting color mix is shown in the swatch window.

Two controls along the bottom of the screen will take you to the list view or the credits. The "list" icon should be obvious. The "i" button will take you to the credits. Note the copyright date, this was one of the first apps on the app store.

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A handy helper for getting the colors you want on Wybron's CXI color mixer.