Creating Gel Strings using Gel Swatch Library (GSL)

Open GSL in the List View

Tap the "File Folder" to go to the Projects page.

The Project Page

"List" takes you back to the List view of gel colors, but "Edit" allows you to add or edit projects or gel strings.

Add to Projects

Tap "+" to add a new project or gelstring.

Name your Project or Gelstring

Put in any name for your project or Gelstring and then press "Save"

Pick Done

Gelstrings or Projects can be deleted or have their order changed. Press "Done" when satisfied

From Project List to Gel List

You now have 2 Projects or Gelstrings to add colors to. Now tap "List" to return to Gels so you can add colors to your Project.

Select Gel to add to Project

Press and Hold a gel color to add to a project. In this case... Medium Yellow L010

Add Gel to Project List

After holding the color long enough to select it, you can choose which project to put the color in. You will then be returned to the color list. Continue adding colors until you have created the gelstring you need.

View Gelstring or Project

From the "list" view, tap the "File Folder" to get a choice of projects and select one. In this case, we are looking at the 2nd Project. If you tap "Edit", you can re-arrange the order or delete colors from the string.

Edit Colors or Change Order

  1. Pressing 1 allows you to delete the color
  2. Pressing 2 allows you to add a note to each color for your own use.
  3. Tap and hold 3 to change the order of the colors.
  4. Press "Done" to finish editing.
  5. Then press "Get Quote" to send to color information to GSI

Edit Subject Line

Just tap the subject line to append the name of your project in the Request for Quote line.

Edit Qty and Scroller Type

Edit the Body of the text with the quantity of strings that you need. Be sure to include the type and size of Scroller that the strings will be used on.

Send for Quote

Press send to get a quote from GSI. Cancel if you want to make some changes.

Response to Request for Quote

An email similar to this will appear in your inbox, shortly after we receive your RFQ.