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Scroller Strings

We have picked the gel and colors for two different styles of shows. Our theatre selection is available in the most popular sizes for immediate shipment. Because we build them during slack times, we also charge less than if you order them custom made. So, they are quick, cheap, and always good. Very rare in these modern times.

For you Rock ’n Rollers we have a more saturated palate, but the same great pricing and on the shelf, ready to go, waiting for the Fed Ex or UPS driver’s daily stop.

Theatre Colors

Rock 'n Roll Colors

CXI Strings

The last standard item(s) are gelstrings for the Wybron CXI color mixing scroller. These are also pre-made waiting only for your choice of custom frames on the end of the front and back string. Our standard frames are Lee 181 (Congo Blue) on the front, and Lee 027 (Medium Red) on the rear string. If you would like something different, just ask.

CXI Front String

CXI Back String

Gelstring Price List

All the stuff that's on the shelf. If you need something you can't find, just call us, please. 719-548-9774.

Part # Scroller Type Price each Status
4549-16R or T Forerunner 4 inch $45.37 In Stock
7149-16R or T Forerunner 7 inch $48.39 In Stock
4509-16R or T Coloram II 4 inch $48.53 In Stock
7049-16R or T Coloram II 7.5 inch $62.53 In Stock
84509-16R or T Coloram IT 4 inch $48.53 In Stock
87049-16R or T Coloram IT 7.5 inch $62.53 In Stock
7169-Front or Back 7 inch CXI $67.15 In Stock
4569 Front or Back 4 inch CXI $60.46 In Stock
87169-Front or Back 7 inch CXI IT $67.15 In Stock
84569-Front or Back 4 inch CXI IT $60.46 In Stock